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Our mission:
Support the welfare of FARMERS

We want to grow up with Indonesian FARMERS and become a part of FARMERS family.

Indonesia is an agricultural country, with abundant natural wealth of agricultural products, but there are still many FARMERS in Indonesia who are not prosperous. Our mission, through the technology that we create, can help FARMERS and improve the welfare of FARMERS and their families. This also provides better agricultural expectations using good management of farming to produce on their own land. We strongly support the use of domestic production and food security movements and export of agricultural products in order to increase the FARMERS Business Exchange Rate.

Our Story ...

Driven by our passion and concern for the small conditions of FARMERS in Indonesia and our optimistic to bring a better Indonesian agriculture, we build comprehensive technology for empowering FARMERS by connecting to lenders, agriculture guidance, and giving market access to Industry.

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Our Story

eragano came up with the right solution to provide agricultural assistance to sort and assess the handling according to the needs of the Industry in collaboration with eragano. FARMERS are guaranteed that the harvest will be absorbed and purchased at a fairer price and a transparent system.

By our technology, FARMERS can sell the harvest crop to Industry directly by our apps with the fairer price and sustainable demand

Founded in mid-2015 as an end to end solutions application, eragano was helping FARMERS from cultivation until selling the harvest.

Sustainable Partnership

Starting in 2016, eragano partnered with Hotel Restaurant and Café to supply the best harvest crop.

Over the years, eragano continues to enhance partners with various stakeholders who share the same focus and spirit to improve the welfare of FARMERS and bring better and sustainable agriculture in Indonesia.

The more areas eragano that wants to help, the more diverse commodities are produced by ERAGANO FARMERS. From the west Indonesia, Sumatra Island, Java to the east Indonesia, Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara), eragano continues and commit to develop Indonesian agriculture and grow with FARMERS.


eragano History


eragano Ideas was Born


eragano Application Prototype was Created

Made Partnership and Helped West Java FARMERS.


eragano area expenses

to All Java Province, a Half Sumatera Province and Hundreds of FARMERS Has been Helped and Made Partnership by eragano.


eragano agriculture area expended to Nusa Tenggara Timur

eragano agriculture area has expanded to NTT and support small holder-FARMERS Welfare.

Our experts


Non Performing Loan


Agriculture Guidance


Market Accsess


Post Harvest Guaidance

sdg no poverty
SDG zero hunger

Partnership and Awardee

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