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Most of carrots varieties are resistant to pest and disease, but there is always possibility that your carrots plant will be attacked by pest and disease. For this reason, farmers should make sure that carrot plants are protected from pests and diseases. Carrots that attacked by pests in general are wilted and droop even at a young age. Here’s overview of carrot common pest and disease:


Nematodes or Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)

Nematodes can cause serious losses. Symptoms include thickened taproots and lateral roots, and split and forked roots. Summer’s higher soil temperature favours development of the pest. Various soil fumigants may be used before planting to control nematodes. Other pests: False wireworms, cutworms and millipedes sometimes damage the roots. Harvest earlier when damage occurs late in growth. Crop rotation and frequent working of the soil should reduce these problems. Plants that have been infected must be revoked and burned to avoid the risk of spreading the disease.

Alternaria leaf blight (Alternaria dauci)

Leaf blights can reduce the yield and quality of a carrot crop. Sympotmps include Brown-black lesions edged with yellow on leaf margins, beginning on the oldest leaves. This disease is caused by fungus cercospora carotae. This disease can be anticipated by : seed disinfection using a fungicide solution (1 / ml copper chloride content for 5 minutes), diligently maintaining garden clean, and do rotating planting with plants that are not from carrots kingdom.


Wireworm (Agrotis ipsilon Hufn.)

This worm has a length about 4-5cm and attacks the root shoots on young carrots, causing the plant to wilt, dry, or even die. Naturally, these pests can be controled by catching then and throwing them away from land or burn it. Chemically, farmers can spray furadan or indofuradan type of insecticide before and after planting time.

Flies (Psile rosae)

Flies or maggots that attack carrot plants usually green or black and has brownish stripes on their bodies, these pests attack carrots when they form larvae before turning into cocoons. Symptoms that caused by these pests are decomposing parts of plant tubers, holes in plants, and tubers that grow in unusual shapes. These pests can be prevented by watering the plant with a solution of 120 g of polydol mixed with 100 liters of water. Watering is done twice, when the plant is young and 10 days after the first watering. In addition, garden sanitation can also be done and make fly traps.

Aphids (Aphid, Aphis spp)

Aphids on carrot plants attack and suck leaves essence. These aphids are blackish green and have fine hair around the body. Leaves on plants that affected by aphids are turning  yellow, hollow, dry and then die. Pest control can be done by thinning crops and land sanitation.

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