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Carrots are one of vegetables that have an important role in food supply, they are sources of vitamins and minerals. As a biological food source, carrots contain lots of vitamin A and other substances that can be used for medical purpose, carrots are good for preventing various diseases. Carrots also have a really good taste and liked by many people. Carrots can be grown in every season so many farmers who cultivate carrots as a profitable commodity. Apart from being consumed as food, carrots are also used as cosmetic ingredients. Beside that, carrots have very good business prospects because they have a very broad market potential.

Carrots can be consumed directly (raw), processed first or processed into various products such as juice, dried soup, and baby food. In addition, carrots can also be used as frozen food. By increasing public awareness of health, carrots also offer potential as a food that can overcome vitamin A deficiency, tumors\cancer, and malnutrition. Carrot cultivation is also very strategic potential in terms of agro-climatological and agro-economic conditions in Indonesia which is very suitable for carrots growth.

Beside the roots, carrot leaves can also be beneficial for human health. Drinking a glass of fresh carrot leaf juice with salt and a teaspoon of lime juice are effective in preventing urinary tract, strengthening the eyes, lungs, heart and liver. Even just chewing carrot leaves can heal wounds in the mouth/bad breath, bleeding gums and canker sores. Beside that, Carrots have a high prospect with farmer receipts of Rp 12,217,054.26 per Ha with average income about 7,456,350.45 per Ha.

In Indonesia carrot cultivation was initially concentrated only in West Java, Lembang and Cipanas. But in its development it spread to the central vegetable areas in Java and Outside Java. Based on the results of a survey of agricultural vegetable crop production in Indonesia (BPS, 2015) the national carrot harvesting area reached 13,398 hectares spread across 16 provinces in Indonesia.

One of the problems often faced by farmers is unstable prices in selling carrot yields. This unstable prices for farmers are closely related to the market structure and the size of marketing margins. One of solution is to anticipate this market price fluctuation can be done by partnering with Eragano. Eragano always tries to provide the best prices that can be given to farmers so that we can contribute to improving the welfare of Indonesian farmers.

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