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After rice, corn is a second main commodity in Indonesia. Some areas using corn as their staple food. Corn has a strategic role for national economic because has multipurpose. Corn can be used for food, feed, and industrial raw ingredients. In the past 10 years, Indonesia’s corn production has been increasing, is caused by the amount of corn consumption. Corn is not only processed into staple food but also processed into side dishes, snacks, and semi-finished ingredients produced by various types of industries from various business scales. Then, what is the business opportunity of corn farming?

Indonesia as an agricultural country has great potential in the production of corn, and supported by Indonesia’s tropical climate that suitable for corn cultivation. On the other hand, market demand of corn is comparable to corn production itself. Since 2005, corn market demand  for feed continuing to rise along with poultry industry growth. BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik) mentioned that in 2000 till 2011, national corn consumption increased by 8% each year. More than 50% of them processed to raw food ingredients. In order fulfillment needs of corn, Government focuses on replace usual corn seeds to hybrid corn seeds because it has a better harvest quality. Corn is also one of the commodities that is not difficult to cultivated.  According explanation, corn cultivation is considered as a potential business opportunity for farmers.

Generally, corn commodity market chains  starts from small farmers who sell their crops to the wholesaler with the prices that tend to be lower than average prices. After that, corn distributed to major traders or feed and food industry producer. To fulfilling needs of corn industry and get a better market price, farmer can expand their business network to eragano partners.

Corn business opportunities is likely to get profitable sales if the quality of corn is comparable, for that farmers have to choose a good quality seeds, planting, fertilization and irrigation method. So, the corps will have a good quality and the farmers will get more income and corn is more profitable commodity.

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