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Maybe many of you are curious about “how can Eragano find a local FARMER who has integrity, a high farm spirit and wants to learn?”

Various ways of doing eragano, starting with collaborating with the central and regional governments, doing directly farmers, FGD and many other ways.

Currently, you see eragano which has helped FARMERS in various parts of Indonesia, spread from Sumatra to East Nusa Tenggara. It turns out that the long process has been passed! Like what?

Like the experience of Molina and Nungky, who directly search for chili farmers in the Kediri area. Hmmm, maybe in our minds, this activity is an office walk, can spend office funds, work for a while and travel a lot.

But it turned out to be a big mistake !, In carrying out the adventure of looking for PETANI, molina and nungky were very efficient in using office facilities and competing with time.

Yes! Usually it is only 2 days, the time needed for us to capture FARMERS and penetrate eragano in the area.

An experience that Molina and Nungky cannot forget, how can it be forgotten? Meeting small farmers is something that cannot be described in words, how they are happily responding to eragano, hearing stories directly about their farming experience and more, and the second is the sensation of his adventure !, Molina and Nungky, who are separated from the city, both depart themselves and meet at the destination airport.

From the airport they both boarded a damri travel car. There is a funny thing that Molina told me, because they were riding on public travel so of course the passengers were not only the two of them but also with some people who turned out to be residents of the area. It is customary for residents of the area who prefer to use natural air conditioning rather than air conditioning, causing the car to open wide along the way. And that’s at night! Imagine how the wind pierced the body?Even though it was cold and cold but Molina and Nungky stayed cool to their destination. The initial plan they both wanted to stay at Aunt Mbak Nungky’s house, but because the hours showed it was 1 o’clock in the morning, we decided to stay overnight.Stay in a hotel that is Rp 170,000 per night! and even then the results of impromptu googling.In the area, we don’t rent rental cars that can take us anywhere without overheating and catching cold.What are we doing? We googling motorcycle rental places. There is only one motorbike rental place in the area, as a result all motorbikes have been rented out.We were not lost in mind, we took the initiative to borrow a hotel motorbike receptionist. With our rental motorbike guerrilla looking for direct farmersWe have traveled more than 100 Km by using a motorbike, combining directly the house of FARMERS and the farmhouse’s house.But all tired of being paid off when we heard the thank you and saw the happy face of FARMERS we met.Tired of us being something for others, and we were tired of being tired and useful especially to help the small Indonesian FARMERS

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