How to cook vegetables so that the nutrition is not lost

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One way to enjoy vegetables is to cook them first. Yes, cooking does make vegetables more delicious. Although, some vegetables are better to eat raw or as fresh vegetables. Vegetable cooking does provide benefits, but behind it can also be detrimental to the body.Why harm? because the heat produced can eliminate nutrients and mineral contents. and some vitamins are not resistant to heat, namely Vitamin C and B.Then how to process vegetables so that they are not only delicious to eat but also healthy?

1. Wash the vegetables with running water, do not soak them before cooking vegetables, you need to wash them first. Washing vegetables is useful for removing bacteria, germs, or pesticides attached to vegetables. Wash vegetables in running water and never try to soak them. Soaking vegetables will only make their nutritional content disappear, such as vitamin C. Keep in mind that vitamin C is very susceptible to heat, water and air.

2. Cut vegetables in large form for vegetables that contain lots of water soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, cut vegetables in large form or you can also cook them in a whole form. This functions so that not many nutrients are lost during the cooking process. The smaller the pieces of vegetables, the more nutrients that can be lost during the cooking process.If you want to get smaller pieces of vegetables, you can cut them again after cooking. For example, you can boil whole potatoes with their skin, potato skin also contains a lot of nutrients so it’s a shame to get rid of. Then, after being boiled, you can cut potatoes into smaller pieces so that they are easy to eat.

3. Keep time, temperature, and water while cooking. When cooking, you should consider the time, temperature, and also the minimum amount of water used for cooking. The cooking time is too long, the temperature is too high, and the amount of liquid that is too much can make more nutrients lost in vegetables. The less water used for cooking, the more nutrients that can be maintained, especially for vegetables that contain water-soluble vitamins.Therefore, it is recommended to cook vegetables, especially those containing water-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin C and vitamin B) – by steaming, this method is proven to be the best. Some studies have shown that broccoli cooked by steaming can maintain its vitamin C content by up to 80%, rather than cooked with other methods.


How? Easy isn’t it? Let’s eat more vegetables in a healthier way!



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