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Test your knowledge ! A lot of us do mistaken them, how to differ which one is veggie and which one is fruit !

That mistake actually has been discussed so often by Netizen! You are included in team #sayakeliru or #sayabenerdong? Test how big is your knowledge through pictures below!

a. Tomato

b. Cucumber

c. Paprika

d. Yam

e. Pumpkin


Here are the answers!

a. Tomato is included in fruits group! Even though often mistakenly considered as veggie and grouped in the veggie shelf at supermarket. Eventually, this red rounded considered in fruits family.

b. Cucumber, same with tomato and often considered as veggie family, especially because of the green color and use as  salad “lalaban” at West Java. Now, don’t be wrong again!

c. Paprika, although similar with chili, actually both are very different! If Chili is considered as Veggie, paprika  included in fruits!

d. Yam, actually yam is included as Veggie! Even the shape is rounded such as fruit, yam family considered as tubes family, yam is considered as veggie!

e. Pumpkin, who do not know cinderella story? Pumpkin changed to palace cart actually considered as Veggie! Same with its sister ; Potato. Pumpkin that tastes sweet and usually served as dessert, still a Veggie guys!

So, how many correct answers do you have ? Don’t get wrong again!

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